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EZ CampChamp Portable LPG | $214.95 Now $163.95

Product Overview


Camp Champ

The CampChamp from EZ Tankless, Inc. is the first CSA Approved portable propane powered tankless water heater in the USA.  The CampChamp comes with everything you need to attach your supplied garden hose and propane tank and have hot water.  Most installations take less than 10 minutes! 

Camp Champ w/ Regulator and Shower Head

With the ability to heat water over and over again, no longer are RV or camp site users worried of running out of hot water from the tank.  No more worries of shortened shower times while on the road.  Featuring easy to use dials on the front of the heater, one controls water flow, the other controls the gas flow, our easiest to use unit ever.  This unit is designed for temporary outdoor installations.  When installed outdoors no venting is necessary.

Camp Champ Right SideCamp Champ Left Side

Camp Champ Bottom

Camp Champ Top


EZ CampChamp Outdoor - Features and Benefits

  • A 1.8GPM portable tankless water heater at a 35F rise in temperature can easily provide enough hot water for your campsite or RV.
  • The Camp Champ system comes complete the with necessary gas regulator and garden hose fittings for the quickest and easiest setup in the market.
  • A propane tankless water heater offers the most comfortable shower available when resources are limited.
  • With no stand-by loss or recovery time necessary; a tankless water heater allows for shower after shower unlike a typical 5 gallon tank.
  • 1-Year warranty on heater and parts.
  • Energy Factor 0.84.
  • No venting necessary design.
  • Includes an 11in WC propane regulator for fast and easy installation.
  • Includes a garden hose fitting for fast and easy connection to most water supplies.
  • 20 minute safety timer - the Camp Champ will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of continuous use. No recovery time is necessary, simply turn the water off then back on for another 20 minutes of use.
  • 10 minute setup - easiest in the market!
  • Requires two(2) D-cell batteries (not included), a propane supply (minimum 5 gallon tank), and a pressurized water supply.





Warning If installing this unit outdoors in cold climates there is risk of the internal water pipes in the heat exchanger to freeze, crack, and leak if left with water inside. Be sure to drain the water heater after each use if installed in cold climates. 

Disclaimer EZ Tankless accepts no responsibility for a unit that is damaged because of improper installation or freezing. For more information click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fluctuations in water pressure will cause fluctuations in hot water temperature. All tankless heaters work this way. If you wish to use this for showering, and you are taking the incoming water from a well that operates with a pump that switches on and off, you may wish to use a simple pressure regulator on the supply line. This will stabilize the pressure coming into the heater and in turn provide a consistent temperature for comfortable showering. In addition, the user should always pre-filter the incoming water supply. For more information, click here.

INFORMATION FOR "REMOTE" USERS: - Cabin, Camping, Barn, Tool-Shed, or Workshop. A lake or deep-woods cabin, campsite, workshop or outbuilding is perfect for the installation of a tankless type water heater. In rural America it is common for a homeowner to have a barn, workshop or tool shed that is some distance from the home. If cold water is plumbed to this building, a tankless unit can supply hot water for showering, cooking, washing vehicles, hand washing, and general cleaning needs. You may wish to use one that is fired by LP gas and a small tank can be easily installed for this purpose and may easily last the whole season or longer. Just like your outdoor barbeque, you must remember to turn off the gas valve after each use to insure that the LP does not leak away. Some people have large LP tanks for the furnace in the workshop and/or rural home. We have models for this type of gas. Additionally, in a workshop or garage installation there is no open pilot light to worry about.


ModelEZ CampChamp
rated heat input (kW) (12) 37,500 btu

hot water supply (GPM)

(for 45 °F temp. rise)
Water Temp Charts

1.45 Gpm
size 14.5" x 11.4" x 5.9"
water pressure (PSI) 20 - 120 PSI
thermal efficiency rating 84%
gas type & rated gas pressure Pa (PSI) (WCI) LPG 2800 (0.46) (11")
Power Supply 2 x D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)
packing size 19" x 14 " x 10 "
G.W./N.W.  (Lbs) 15/12 lbs.



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