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The Tankless Water Heater for The DIYer

Quickly becoming the highest rated heater for customer satisfaction, with easy installation, the safest direct vent system, constant temperature setting, the EZ Deluxe is the heater of choice for any family living in up to a two bath home. ON SALE TODAY FOR ONLY $669.95! Free Shipping and Vent Kit included!

ez deluxe tankless water heater
Portable Hot Water With The EZ 101 LPG

This light weight tankless water heater can be used almost anywhere there is propane and a water source. Experience a hot shower the next time you go camping and you'll never want camp without your EZ 101 again. The EZ 101 also works great as a replacement for traditional RV style water heaters.

Over 5,000 Units Sold!!!

Since July 2009, EZ Tankless has sold over 5,000 units. With less than a 1% return rate, customers command our reliability and quality. We appreciate the unwavering support and gratitude our customers have shown over the past 4 years.

Go Tankless View our Products Think Green! Make the Switch and Save! Contact Us via email or call 219.369.4781

Tankless Water Heaters from EZ Tankless




These prices available for a very limited time.


Call Us Today! (219)369-4781  -   Let us help you decide which unit will best fit your application.

EZ Tankless Water Heaters can be purchased direct on eBay and Amazon!


EZ 101 Portable LPG

EZ 202 Portable LPG

ez-101-large.jpg ez-202.jpg




EZ Deluxe 1-2 Bath Whole Home

EZ Supreme 3+ Bath Whole Home

ez-deluxe-large.jpg ez_supreme_tankless_water_heaterx1000h.jpg


$924.95*  $824.95




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Leading the tankless revolution

Thank you for visiting us here at EZ Tankless!

Whether you were drawn to our website because you heard that our water heaters were environmentally friendly, because of our low prices, because of the outstanding product quality and service life, or because you simply wanted to see if tankless really was a viable way to meet your hot water needs, we know you will be impressed with what you find.

All our water heaters have been thoroughly field tested and each model is designed from the ground up to fulfill a specific need and meet all American standards.

We believe very strongly in our product and would like you to share the benefits of going tankless, and join our growing family of satisfied customers.

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