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Click on images for product specific troubleshooting.


EZ 101 Troubleshooting Guide


EZ 202 Troubleshooting Guide

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EZ Deluxe Troubleshooting Guide


EZ Supreme Troubleshooting Guide

ez-deluxe-large.jpg   ez_supreme_tankless_water_heaterx1000h.jpg


EZTankless places a huge importance on offering our support and a wealth of information in order to help you with your EZTankless Water Heater. 

  • FAQ - Have questions about tankless water heaters? We've got all the answers you need!
  • Maintenance - The key to keeping your tankless water heater is maintaining it. We've got some tips for you here.
  • Troubleshooting - We've provided an easy-to-follow guide to troubleshoot your error codes.
  • Warranty - Learn more about our warranty and your options to replace one of our water heaters
  • Manuals - Own an EZTankless product? If you've lost your manual that was included with your purchase, you can find a backup right here.
  • Proper Fittings - Here you'll find some basic tips on the proper fittings for installing our tankless water heaters.


Most Common Issues and Testing

If you have an EZ 101 or EZ 202 and are in need of technical support, our support staff will often ask you to locate the Micro Switch inside of the unit.  The Micro Switch can actually be located without removing the cover, from the bottom of the unit.  For exact location please visit:

Having located the Micro Switch will speed along all testing neccessary in the diagnosing of issues with the EZ 101 or EZ 202 units.



Tech Support By Phone:


Mon - Fri  8:30am - 4:30pm EST