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Reviews of Tankless Water Heater Products

Please send us your reviews of our tankless water heaters!

Everyday we receive phone calls telling us that our water heaters are great but we would love for you to tell is in an email. Please email your reviews to We will post your reviews, unedited, right here on this page. If you would like to include a photo of your installation please do so.

"I was worried about getting the best value for money on my water heater, but since I have chosen EZ outdoor tankless water heater for my house, I am living in peace. Since the installation I have had a quick and reliable source of hot water on tap whenever I need it. It is so compact in size that it can be fixed anywhere in your patios or in the backyard. If you need more capacity, then just install another EZtankless water heater in another convenient place in your home. The whole family will benefit from the hot water on tap. Mine did and I’ve managed to make some great financial savings."

Nathan Hay

"I bought an EZ Deluxe last Christmas, when my older conventional water heater broke down. To my surprise, this heater has been delivering hot water for my family for one year now and I don’t have anything to complain about. It’s the perfect heater for my home."

Jason Gill

"I had a Bosch tankless water that turned out to be a disaster. I had to do a lot of research before deciding on which brand I should go for the second time around. Thanks to the EZ Ultra, I have no reason to regret my second tankless. It not only saved on my energy consumption but my money as well. It was easy to install and is very easy to use, with key touch water temperature setting. I was able to install it myself, saving me even more money."

Ian Butcher

The EZ Tankless Team--------------------