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Go Green with Tankless Water Heaters

Save as much as 40% in energy consumption with a tankless water heater.

These days we are bombarded with talk and advertising about going green. Just about everything for sale in the marketplace, items on supermarket shelves, laundry detergent, cleaning products and energy efficient light bulbs all the way up to major purchases, such as cars and trucks in the dealer showrooms and your driveways.  You must have noticed on every new household appliance a light blue energy rating sticker.  You then notice how it seems the more energy efficient and kinder to the environment a product is, generally the higher price tag. 

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, most homeowners have already taken steps to reduce at least a little of the monthly energy bill. Whether it be replacing the insulation with modern materials to save heat and cooling losses, reducing the temperature a degree or two on your furnace, or in summertime setting the temperature a little higher for your air-conditioning. All these steps are commendable, but have you looked at your hot water heater as a means of saving the environment, saving energy or simply just saving money?

At EZ Tankless We Believe You Should.  Most homeowners don’t realize, but heating water is up to 30% of the average American homes energy use.  Consider now that you may have neglected this energy use for some time, and the idea of saving money becomes even more enticing.  The fact that you are here on our website means that you are already investigating the possibilities of saving money on hot water heating, and no doubt if there is a green option, all the better

At EZ Tankless we strive to be as green as possible, recycling our waste, using more digital files and less paper files, and promoting a greener lifestyle with our employees and our customers.  We want our carbon footprint to be as small as possible while promoting tankless water heaters as a means of lessening each person’s energy consumption by a small degree.

EZ Tankless on demand water heaters are very competitively priced. When bringing our products to market we knew that we had a green product, but knew that most people would not be prepared to purchase an environmentally and energy efficient product if it was several times more expensive than the existing technology. We knew that the cost of a replacement storage tank water heater is generally between $400 and $700.  Part of our business plan was to bring to market a product which sold at around these prices.  Naturally we did not want a product built to a price point, so we built the highest quality product we could, using the highest quality materials, and did other things to keep our prices low.(i.e. refusal of Energy Star Label, No Dealers, etc…)

We are located in a humble central Indiana location, next to a wind farm. Our products are all direct sale, so there are no retail stores, expensive marketing campaigns or distribution networks to worry about. We sell tankless water heaters, nothing else.

An EZ Tankless Direct Vent whole house tankless water heater, which is designed from the outset to provide hot water for your entire home, starts at just $474.95 with free shipping.  Cheaper in fact than some tank hot water heaters available!

Our products are all state of the art, and other than our outdoor models take full advantage of direct vent technology.  This technology allows that our heater heats your water very quickly and efficiently, providing constant temperature hot water for an indefinite period. We have no pilot light to burn fuel during standby, further increasing efficiency. The only time fuel is being consumed is when you need hot water, unlike the storage tank, which regardless of the design or insulation suffers from standby losses, meaning the water in the tank, even when you are not using hot water cools, and needs periodic reheating. This makes our hot water heaters up to 40% more efficient overall.

When you switch to tankless technology, EZ Tankless technology, you will not only be saving on your gas bills, but could well be saving on the initial purchase price. If you are thinking that we make up the difference on expensive exhaust and other accessories, we are happy to state that even the exhaust (for side wall mounting and on direct vent models only) is included in the price.

If you don’t see our product in your stores, don’t worry, our business is designed that way, and even shipping is free in most all states.

All EZ Tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of at least 20 years, if installed and used correctly, and being a green company, the entire unit, when it expires in more than 20 years can be recycled, so there will never been a pile of EZ Tankless hot water heaters at your local landfill.


EZ Tankless, saves the environment, saves space, saves energy so you save money!