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Gentle Carousels - Bringing Joy To Those In Need

Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of talking to a Mr. Jorge Garcia-Bengochea. He came to us asking if we would be able to offer a tankless water heater for use by his charity service - Gentle Carousel.

Gentle Carousel brings miniature therapy horses to hospitals, assisted living programs, hospice programs, programs for Alzheimer patients and to adults and children with disabilities so that they may experience a little extra joy in their life. The miniature horses of Gentle Carousel will visit upto 4000 adults and children every year.

After hearing of the good work Mr. Garcia-Bengochea is doing, we were glad to offer a helping hand. We sent the Gentle Carousel an EZ 202 for use in their horse washing station. This is the card we received in response.


We would like to thank Mr. Garcia-Bengochea for allowing us this oppurtunity to help with his cause.

From all of us at EZ Tankless, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about Gentle Carousels please follow these links: