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EZ Tankless, Inc. Introduces The New EZ202!

The guys at EZ Tankless would like to introduce you to the new EZ 202!


The EZ 202


The EZ 202 was released as a larger version of the EZ 101. This model will bring the inexpensive features of the 101 while delivering a larger GPM supply of hot water. This is an excellent choice for someone working on a budget but would still like to save money on their monthly gas bill.

The EZ 202 will provide enough hot water for almost any application on the farm or in the workshop. This is easily enough hot water for a workshop or barn type application. This unit utilizes the simplicity of the 101, you can still use this water heater anywhere you have a propane tank or Natural Gas Supply, a water supply, and two "D" Cell batteries.

For more information or to purchase a 202 of your own follow this link: EZ 202 Tankless Water Heater or give us a call at (219)369-4781.