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EZ Tankless, Inc. at the Earl Park Fall Festival

The EZ Tankless boys find themselves hard at work in their home town of Earl Park at the Fall Festival.

We find ourselved engourged in the mayhem at the Fall Festival. It is quite an event, bringing over 50,000 people to a town of 400 over the Labor Day weekend. It is a time of great food, great fun, and most importantly great people.

Everywhere you look you can find a smile on someones face. Even Jim was feeling a little wacky!

There are many food vendors and with EZ Tankless' booth right amongst the path for food, you better believe we found our way in to line. Eating at the Cardinal Roost is always the best and least expensive way of eating at the Fest, but if you want to eat there you better get in line fast, because it fills in minutes.

EZ Tankless had its fair share of interest. Many people could not believe when we showed them the EZ 101 attached to a garden hose and small LP tank.Many asked questions about the EZ Deluxe and marveled at the dual chamber intake/exhaust pipe. We tried our best to teach people of the advantages that come with installing a tankless water heater into their home.

But the Fall Fest isn't all about EZ Tankless, you must come to Earl Park to experience the Festival. There are constant Bluegrass concerts along with those that are just jamming along the sidelines. The food is great, and what can be better then eating sweet corn in Indiana. There were even some small rides for the kids.

It was a great time at the Earl Park Fall Festival this year, we hope to see you there next year.