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EZ 101 Ignition Switch Test

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The EZ 101 contains a small ignition switch that is tied into the inlet water flow. When water flows through the heater it lifts a small screw off of the switch completing the circuit to the igniter.

If you do not hear the heater trying to ignite, we would always recommend first checking the batteries.  Make sure to use alkaline batteries and that they are properly installed.  If the heater still fails to ignite, you can follow these steps to test the igniter.

Looking at the bottom of the heater locate the two screws holding the cover on.



Step 1. Remove Case Screws – Located on the bottom of the heater are two Phillips style screws. You can easily remove these two screws.




Step 2. Remove Control Knobs – There are three knobs on the heater, they will slide off when pulled.



Step 3. Pull the cover up then shove forward.  Be careful not to damage the wire connected to the power switch located on the bottom of the heater.



Step 4. You can find the ignition switch located front and center of the heater, just to the left of the drain plug.  With the power switch in the on position, lift this switch and listen for the electric igniter to spark.




If you do not want to remove that cover that is fine.  Most people can usually reach the ignition switch with their index finger by reaching through the openings in the bottom of the cover for the EZ 101.


If your heater sparks after lifting the screw off the switch, we would then recommend disconnecting all hoses and attachments from the hot water outlet and let water free flow through the heater. 

If the heater sparks and ignites, we can assume the problem is in the water flow after the heater.  

If the heater sparks and ignites for only a few seconds, we would recommend reading our article on how to test the limit switch

If the heater sparks and does not ignite, we would recommend trying a new gas regulator, something set at 11"WC for propane or 8.5"WC for natural gas. 

If the heater does not spark, please call our Tech Support line at (219)474-6658.