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Learn About


EZ Tankless is a customer first company

EZ Tankless was founded in 2009 with the mission to redefine hot water. We strive to supply innovative water heating technology for applications in a wide range of localized uses at an affordable cost. We’re dedicated to creating positive experiences for our customers - from initial purchase to installation and throughout operation. We provide high performance tankless water heaters for a variety of applications including home use, small business, agricultural, recreational and many more.


We take great pride in our Indiana roots, and situate our testing, customer service, and distribution facilities in one location.



Our Corporate Officers


Chief Executive Officer

Gene Sola has over 20 years’ experience in founding and leading corporations in industry sectors including importing, e-Commerce, and wholesale. As the CEO of EZ Tankless, Gene is responsible to the board for the successful operation and management of the company. Gene developed the original concept and operational structure for EZ Tankless. Gene has been CEO of EZ Tankless since founding the company in 2009. Gene had previously served as a commercial diver, captain, and consultant to top name brands in the maritime industry.




Chief Operating Officer

Michael Pavuk has worked with EZ Tankless since co-founding the company in 2009, and worked in importing and sales since 2003. Michael has extensive experience in technology, importing, and Internet based businesses. He has previously led a range of initiatives involving the development and deployment of new products. Michael is a crucial driver of both internal and external operations of EZ Tankless. He manages our network of global manufacturers, importing partners, and our internal day to day operations.




Chief Financial Officer

Steve is a Certified Public Accountant who has worked in the corporate world for over forty years. Steve recently retired as CFO of T&D Metal Products, a Watseka based metal stamping operation. He has previously worked as a consultant for Sikich, LLP, a CPA firm based in Naperville, IL, and was CFO for MRC Polymers for 15 years, a plastic compounding company utilizing recycled plastic feedstocks in Chicago.




Director of Sales

Kenny has been Director of Sales with EZ Tankless since 2010. Prior to joining EZ Tankless, he worked with Menards as a delivery associate before becoming a fabrication specialist at ExCel Geo Membranes. Kenny upholds EZ Tankless’ commitment to customer service ensuring a focus on customer relationships, in addition to identifying business development opportunities for further company growth.



Why tankless water heaters?

With all these years of travelling and overseas connections we could not help but notice that our business associates the world over take tankless technology for granted. In fact, in most cases it really is all they know. On a trip to Europe in 2005, our vice president noticed a tankless heater and questioned his business associates about it. On his trips to Central America and Asia, our Company President began to take notes on the tankless methods. We arrived at the conclusion that in America, the way in which we make hot water is costly and inefficient, and woefully behind the times.

After literally months of product application research, studying the types and methods of manufacture, testing numerous sample products and discussions with several factories, we formed a solid business plan. We then entered into a relationship with one of the worlds largest manufacturers of tankless heaters and boilers. The units we import and distribute are made specifically for our company under our own USA registered brand name. These units are designed and built for use solely in the American market. You might see imitations, you may even see comparable models from other manufacturers, but on design, quality and point of sale purchase, we believe we are the market leaders. The time we took on design and development paid off, and we have a fabulous line of affordable real world applicable water heaters, the kind we would, and as a fact do use in our own homes.


The Business Model

The primary reason for our more than competitive pricing is our streamlined business model. This business model, unlike most industry competitors, means that we are not located in a multi-million dollar facility in an industrial park in a metropolitan area. We proudly boast that we are a hands-on company, and the complete understanding of our product line extends from our CEO to our telephone personnel. Every single person working in this facility understands the internal components of every heater we sell and how those components operate. It helps that we specialize in tankless water heaters and do not stock or supply other non related products.


Being Green

When we say environmentally friendly, going green or reducing our carbon footprint, we don’t just mutter the words as part of our ad campaign.  The reality is that warehouse is in the center of one of the largest wind turbine generator fields in the USA and we are aware of the growth of ecologically friendly technology.  Our water heaters do save on energy, are made almost entirely from recyclable materials and we promote energy saving practices in our daily lives. 


Giving Back

We are not a large multimillion dollar company, so do not have limitless funds to donate in high profile charity events. Instead, we've worked with smaller organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle, and Gentle Carousel Miniature Horse Therapy. 


Long Term Plans

We appreciate that you have taken the time to view our website and naturally would like your business. We also would like our existing customers to know that we are in this for the long haul.

At the time of writing the USA is poised to transform into a tankless society just like Europe, Central and South America and Asia. We have carefully selected one of the world's most advanced tankless manufacturers as our supplier. They operate a modern facility producing millions of tankless heaters each year for markets world-wide. They are one of the largest manufacturers in this industry and are always striving for the highest levels of efficiency, quality and functionality. We are proud to be serving our clients with heaters that are built to these high standards, they are quiet, powerful, compact and inconspicuous.


Customer Relations

If you take the time to get to know us you will quickly find out that we are some very down to earth people. Naturally, our telephone support staff will be polite and friendly.  We don’t want to stop there. You will never find us giving you a hard sell, and we don’t hire “salesmen” for that reason. If we can help you select and purchase the correct tankless water heater for your needs, then we have done our job, and done it well. For us to prosper we know that having a great product is only part of the business plan, and we try to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.  We ship all our direct vent indoor models with the exhaust hardware included, and don’t have any hidden costs. If we make a mistake, and let’s face it, everybody does, we will correct it.