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EZTankless - Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

EZtankless Direct Vent and Power Vent water heaters are warranted by the USA importer/distributor, EZtankless Inc. This warranty is applicable only for EZtankless brand tankless water heaters that are sold and used only within the boundaries of The United States of America.

Heat Exchanger warranty: (Direct Vent and Power Vent models only)

If the heat exchanger fails on a Direct Vent and Power Vent model within five (5) years after the original installation and operation, EZtankless will furnish a replacement heat exchanger. However, if the water heater is installed in other than a single family dwelling this heat exchanger warranty is limited to one (1) year from date of original installation and operation.

Warranty on Other Parts:

If any other part on a Direct Vent and Power Vent model fails within one (1) year after original installation and operation, EZtankless will furnish a replacement part free of charge.

EZtankless will furnish a replacement heat exchanger and will furnish a replacement of any other part which fails in normal use and service within the applicable periods specified, in accordance with the terms of this warranty. The replacement component(s) will be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original warranty. This warranty will be valid only for professionally installed water heaters remaining in possession of the original purchaser as recorded on the warranty card.

Shipping costs:

In addition to supplying the replacement part(s), EZtankless will provide ground service delivery for said parts. Expedited shipping will be charged to the customer.

Service Labor Costs:

This warranty does not cover any labor costs associated with service, removal or re-installation of part(s). All such costs must be borne by the Purchaser. Additionally, this warranty does not cover any labor costs associated with service, removal or re-installation of the original water heater or a replaced water heater.


The natural draft (non-fan-powered - battery ignition) camping and outdoor models in general have only a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Example: model EZ101 outdoor camping heater has a one year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. The 101 has no additional warranty of any kind expressed or implied.

This warranty will not apply to:

  • to defects or malfunctions resulting from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the unit in accordance with the printed instructions provided.
  • to damage or abuse, accident, neglect or freezing and other acts of nature.
  • to damage resulting from operation with any modification of any kind, usage for purposes other than supplying hot water for a sink, shower, and laundry system. Or removal of or attempt to defeat any safety device and/or sensor. These heaters ar not for use for pools, spas, hot tubs, floor or wall radiant heating systems, industrial applications, or sprinkle systems.
  • to failure of the heat exchanger resulting from the operation of the water heater in a corrosive atmosphere or without a filter and/or water softener or at water temperatures exceeding the maximum rating, or if the water heater is not supplied with filtered or treated potable water.
  • to defects or damage cause by any attachment or modification, including any energy-saving device.

Additional Warranty Exceptions and Details:

The EZTANKLESS warranty terms do not cover FREEZE DAMAGE, SEDIMENT DAMAGE, MINERAL DAMAGE, breakage or any type of failure resulting from errors in the act of installation, or malfunctions, breakage or incidents relating to any of the following; malfunctions or failures of any kind directly resulting from improper installation or amateur installation, misuse or abuse, failure to perform required or proper maintenance, modifications of any kind, inadequate water quality and/or over/under pressure related damage, natural disasters and acts of riot, vandalism, or war.


Obviously, EZTANKLESS cannot be held responsible for damage due to freezing of water inside the unit. Outside units must be thoroughly drained or removed to a warm place in times of low temperatures. Indoor units should be mounted in a heated space such as the basement or utility room in proximity to warm room air. Installers should be aware of extreme freezing conditions that may exist along exterior walls, in garages or due to natural weather occurrences as well as anomalies. Please take special precautions when planning the location of the unit. This is especially applicable to those users in Northern USA latitudes and those units installed in buildings without a consistent and constant heat source. Upon inspection, it is relatively easy for our technicians to recognize freeze damage and this will not be considered for warranty replacement. However, it is sometimes possible to repair a freeze damaged unit. If your unit is damaged by freezing, you may wish to send it to our facility for inspection and possible repair.


Every tankless manufacturer requires that there be a pre-filtration and/or water softener installed on the inlet water line of the heater. It is simple, tankless water heaters do not have a tank and therefore have no internal surface area for sediment and minerals to collect. In addition, periodic flushing of the tankless heater is required to remove deposits and maintain proper operation. Upon inspection, it is relatively easy for our technicians to recognize sediment and mineral damage and neglect. Heaters returned to our company with this type of problem will not be considered for warranty replacement.

Follow this link to read about cleaning and maintaining a tankless heater.

Payment for labor:

EZTANKLESS does not pay for labor or services regarding the diagnosis and repair of warranty related failures. We suggest that before hiring a professional for diagnosis and repair, the person(s) responsible for the water heater should contact our service personnel at our help desk.

Phone 219-369-4781


IMPORTANT! - Warranty activation period:

The warranty period begins the same day that the hot water heater is installed by a licensed professional. The EZTANKLESS USA warranty covers factory defects in manufacturing defects only. Upon receipt of required and legible warranty documents, EZTANKLESS recognizes said unit as applicable for warranty. Failure to return warranty documents to EZTANKLESS USA offices within 30 days of purchase voids any and all warranty terms.

Your unit will ship with a warranty card that must be filled out completely and sent, along with respective copies of the original bill of sale and installation invoice (On company letterhead from a licensed professional) within 30 days, to:
PO Box 111
Earl Park, IN 47942-0111

Activating the warranty:

For the warranty to be applicable, EZTANKLESS USA must receive three items within 30 days of purchase:


  1. A Completed and legible warranty card.
  2. A copy of the professional installation invoice on company letterhead. (*See below for qualifications)
  3. A copy of the original sales receipt with a date not more than 30 days before post mark.

Professional installation qualification notice:

The EZTANKLESS warranty applies only to units installed by licensed professionals and only after the receipt of the warranty form including a legible copy of the installer’s service installation invoice on said installer’s company invoice with letterhead. Said installer’s company must be a licensed professional contractor and licensed to do business in the state of location of the installation of the heater. The copy of the installer’s original invoice must correspond to a listed address and telephone number for same.

Shipment of warranty replacement parts: For each specific claim of failure, EZTANKLESS will pay for standard outbound shipping service costs within the 50 U.S. states. This applies to the first warranty related shipment only. If additional warranty parts are needed EZTANKLESS may request payment for actual shipping charges. Additional charges for expedited shipping services are the responsibility of the customer. Shipments requested after 12:00 noon EST will be sent the following business day. (Excluding recognized shippers holidays, and parts on backorder)

Purchasing spare parts:

Spare parts are sold via our help desk personnel and are subject to above shipping terms.


How to Make a Claim:

Any claim for warranty parts should be made to your local dealer, distributor or to EZtankless. If EZtankless, please contact the Technical Support Department:

Phone: 219-369-4781

EZ Tankless
P.O. Box 111
Earl Park, IN 47942-111

In most cases, EZtankless will be able to promptly honor your claim. However, all replacements are made subject to validation by EZtankless of in-warranty coverage. The damaged or defective item must be made available in exchange for the replacement.


No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of EZtankless. It is expressly understood that the replacement warranty of EZtankless shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose, and further that EZtankless Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of the hot water heater, or for any consequential damages arising from such use (including damages from water leakage). EZtankless' sole liability with respect to any defect shall be for the replacement of the defective part(s).

Some states do not allow such limitations and exclusions, so the above may not apply to you. This warranty gives specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Shipping damage:

Should your item arrive with damage or missing items that are or are not a direct result of the assigned shipping carrier’s mishandling, At our discretion, will replace the entire unit or those specifically damaged or missing parts free of charge. Said damage or missing material must be reported immediately upon delivery. If the package is obviously severely damaged, we request that the receiver decline acceptance and ask the shipper to return the item as damaged. As our company pays our shipper for insurance on our merchandise and our company makes every effort to insure proper packaging within the rules of the contracted shipping company, EZTANKLESS asks for reasonable cooperation of our clients in regards to typical damage claim investigations conducted by said shipping company’s claims department. In the event that the damage is determined to be extensive, (digital photos may be required by e-mail), at EZTANKLESS’ discretion and after careful consideration, our company may arrange to have the item picked up and returned to our facility for free replacement. We will provide technical support via phone or through our Support Help Desk to assist customers with shipping related problems.

Return of damaged or warranty parts:

EZTANKLESS reserves the right to request specific parts to be returned to our USA warehouse for inspection before shipping replacement parts. Shipping costs back to must be paid for by the end user/customer. Call tags will never be issued.

Warranty Policy Notes

We have the final word on defects and the procedures followed. We must approve all warranty claims. If uncertain of the eligibility of a part for warranty replacement, please contact us immediately and we will advise on the proper procedure to follow. At our discretion, we may request that the alleged defective part of subassembly be sent to our facility in Indiana for an in-house inspection, adjustment, repair, and/or replacement

We reserve the right to adjust, repair, or replace alleged defective part(s) as per our best judgement. In rare cases, damage is caused accidentally by the customer or installer due to a number of reasons, such as: inexperience with water heaters of this type, this brand or unintentional errors that cause damage during maintenance and/or adjustment. In these situations, we may refrain from judgement until have the opportunity to inspect the alleged defect, and weigh the factors of the claim. We will compensate rationally and fairly on a case by case basis.

Steps to Follow for Warranty Replacement

  1. All parts claimed to be defective must be returned at your expense to our Indiana warehouse technical center for examination before we can ship the replacement part. Generally, no exceptions are allowed
  2. All warranty parts submitted to EZTankless must include the following
    • Serial Number of the water heater
    • Date of retail sale
    • The Customers name and address
    • a Description of the problem associated with said part and/or heater

Notes to Dealers

We do not give refunds for warranty parts pulled from dealer stock. We will exchange said part if defective and then said replacement part may be returned to the respective dealer's stock.

We try our best to process warranty claims the very same or next business day

ALl warranty parts are return shipped UPS or FedEx ground unless otherwise specified. If a faster delivery method is chosen, additional shipping charges will be the sole responsibility of the party requesting the fast service label

This warranty policy evolved from the most rational and practical methods for this type of product and from our experience in the industry. Please refrain from frivolous, unreasonable, or unusual demands