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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which size tankless water heater is right for me?

What is the difference between a natural gas and LP model?

My water heater is shot and I'm thinking about going tankless. Is it a good idea?

What is the difference between a tankless and tank type water heater?

If a tankless water heater doesn't have a tank, how does it make hot water?

Will an instantaneous tankless water heater save me money on my utility bills? If so, how much money will it save?

Specifically, what is the reason that a tankless water heater saves money on utility costs and what is the payback period?

What is the typical life expectancy of a Tankless Water Heater?

How much does a Tankless water Heater cost?

Is this a new technology?

How hot is the water from the tankless water heater?

Can I use more than two water fixtures at the same time?

Have tankless water heaters been approved by Government or National Standards?

Does the tankless water heater have a continuous pilot light?

Why do I need electric power for my gas tankless?

What type of venting or exhaust is required?

What size are the water and gas connections?

Where can a tankless water heater be installed?

How much space will a tankless water heater require?

Are there any accessories or additional items to consider when installing a tankless water heater?

Which model of tankless water heater should I purchase?

How do I properly ventilate my Heater?

How do I install my Heater?

Will I get instant hot water with a tankless water heater?

Do I need to upgrade my gas line?

If a tankless heater requires higher BTUs and a larger gas line, doesn't this mean it uses more gas?

Can I use my existing venting for my tankless water heater? If not, why not?

Do I need to install a water softener for my tankless unit and how resistant is one of your tankless water heaters to hard water?

I live in a large home; do I need more than one tankless heater?

Can I install my heater in a manufactured/mobile home?

At what temperature should the water heater be set?

How do I change the temperature on the water heater?

What type of tankless water heaters are most common?

I need special water faucets when I use a Tankless water heater?

How do your water heaters compare to others?

Can two people use two showers at the same time?

How many gallons per minute of hot water will the Tankless water heater produce?

What is the average temperature for bathing, showering and washing hands?

What is the recovery time before someone can take the next shower?

What is the average cold water faucet temperature in homes?

If the average incoming cold water temperature is 60 degrees what will the temperature of the hot water be using a tankless water heater?

Will a tankless water heater work with my dishwasher?

My home has plastic plumbing pipes (PVC or PEX), can I use a tankless water heater?

Can I install the water heater myself?

Where Can I buy your tankless Water heaters?

Do you provide installers?

Do You Have Any Brochures?

How much is shipping?

Do I need to turn the water on full blast to get hot water?

We often run more than one shower at a time.will a tankless unit be able to keep up?

I've heard that tankless units are unreliable. Will it break down often?

Can any plumber perform the installation? What is involved?

I live at 6500 ft above sea level; will a tankless system work at high altitude?

What's the difference between a conventional flue and a direct vent?

I have a lake cabin we use only in the summer. When I close it for the winter, I need to drain the plumbing. Is it possible to drain a tankless water heater to prevent freeze damage when not in use?