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EZ 101 / EZ 202

How To Test / Bypass A Limit Switch

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Every EZ Tankless water heater contains a limit/safety switch. This is a heat sensitive switch that will shut down the heater if it reaches temperatures to high. Like all mechanical devices, a limit switch can fail. When the limit switch in the EZ Tankless fails, it closes the circuit keeping the heater from functioning without its use.

We can test the limit switch by bypassing its use and completing the circuit it has closed. Follow these simple instructions to open your EZ 202, and bypass the limit switch to test that it is still working properly.






Step 1. Remove Case Screws – Located on the bottom of the heater are two Phillips style screws. You can easily remove these two screws.

image003.jpg image005.jpg



Step 2. Remove Burner Control Knob – Inside of the display panel is the Burner Selection Knob. Remove this knob before trying to remove the cover.

image007.jpg image009.jpg




Step 3. Move the levers on the bottom of the heater to center position, so that they are lined up with the holes cut into the case to allow removal. When we have these centered we can lift up on the bottom of the cover. The cover will slide up, still attached at the top by small tabs. When you have the cover lifted, you can slightly push it forward to come off of the tabs on the top. We have circled the tabs in red in the picture below.

image011.jpg image013.jpg

image015.jpg image017.jpg



Step 4. Disconnecting the limit switch wires. In the top right corner of the heater you will find a small circle device with two wires attached to it. This is the limit switch (circled in red below). Disconnect the two wires running to the limit switch using needle nose pliers.

image021.jpg image023.jpg



Step 5. Jump a wire across the two wires. Using a short piece of wire, connect each end to one of the plugs from the limit switch wires. This will complete the circuit and should allow the heater to run when tried again.


If your heater runs after jumping a wire across the limit switch wires, please call our Tech Support Line at (219)474-6658 and let us know you need a new limit switch.



EZ Tankless never recommends running a heater with a bypassed limit switch unless for testing purposes.