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Additional Information

Please Read: Things to consider before purchasing a tankless water heater.

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EZ Tankless Recommends Installing a Pre-Sediment Filter and Service Valves to complete an ideal installation.

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Don't Forget a Propane Regulator.


EZ 101 - Tankless Water Heater | $164.95 Now $152.95

Product Overview

EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

EZ 101 Dog Wash

Our most popular unit since 2009, the EZ 101 is a portable tankless water heater designed to give the user enough hot water to clean up in any off-grid situation.  It’s so adaptable the uses are endless!

The three dials on the face of the unit allow the user to adjust the number of burners being used (Summer = 1 burner, Winter = 3 burners), intensity of the flame, as well as water flow into the unit to ensure the desired temperature is reached at the shower head or sink faucet. Low water pressure start-up even allows this unit to operate with gravity fed water systems. 

101 knobs

Using an automatic ignition that fires up and extinguishes with water flow, the EZ 101 ensures that hot water will be available whenever called upon. It uses Propane (LPG) as its fuel source and two D-cell batteries (not included) power the electronic ignition, which makes the EZ 101 truly portable!

EZ 101 top view


Simply connect your garden hose or plumbing to the ½” water connections, connect your propane line, and insert two D-cell batteries into the battery compartment and you’re ready for a hot shower anywhere! 


101 bottom

As mentioned above, the uses for the EZ 101 are endless, but we’ll try our best… Outdoor Showers, Wash Basins, RV’s, Horse & Travel Trailers, Hunting Camps, General Camping, Food Trucks, Pressure Washers, Mobile Dog Groomers, Mobile Food Vendors (carts), and the list goes on!

The EZ 101 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs occasional on-demand hot water in any off-grid application!


EZ101 Outdoor - Features and Benefits

  • Fully-automatic operation. Simply turn on the water spigot or shower, hot water will arrive in a few moments. After the tap is turned off, the tankless heater will automatically extin guish itself.
  • Shower Head with hose included with unit.
  • Electronic control system via computer chip is advanced and extremely reliable. No plug-in is required. The "No pilot light" design is safe and convenient, using automatic ignition to further your energy savings. (The ignitions electrical source is supplied by two "D" cells batteries - not included)
  • Sensitive ion flame sensor will cut the gas supply if the flame goes out unexpectedly.
  • Insufficient water pressure protection.
  • The 20-minute safety timer reduces the risk of carbon-monoxide poisoning if improperly ventilated.
  • Independent control of water flow and gas flow making it easy to regulate the water temperature.
  • If the water supply is interrupted, the gas valve will automatically turn off.
  • High thermal efficiency and superb combustion performance.
  • With a winter-summer switch and double proportional valves, the inlet water temperature range is much wider.
  • Low water pressure ignition. The heater can function at 10 PSI water pressure. Making this unit suitable for use at high altitude or those using well water with older or less powerful pumping systems. For example; this unit can easily operate via a garden hose inlet water supply.

Easy to use controls can preset the desired water temperature before use, making this unit more convenient.
(For your reference, normal bath water temperature is about 105°F.)




Warning If installing this unit indoors in cold climates there is risk of backdraft which can cause the internal water pipes in the heat exchanger to freeze, crack, and leak.

Warning This unit requires a minimum room combustion air "unconfined" space of 2050 cubic feet. This is why this unit is designed for outdoor use. Be safe, when mounting a tankless heater indoors, always use a direct vent model like our EZ-ULTRA or EZ-DELUXE.

Disclaimer EZ Tankless accepts no responsibility for a unit that is damaged because of improper installation or freezing. For more information click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fluctuations in water pressure will cause fluctuations in hot water temperature. All tankless heaters work this way. If you wish to use this for showering, and you are taking the incoming water from a well that operates with a pump that switches on and off, you may wish to use a simple pressure regulator on the supply line. This will stabilize the pressure coming into the heater and in turn provide a consistent temperature for comfortable showering. In addition, the user should always pre-filter the incoming water supply. For more information, click here.

INFORMATION FOR "REMOTE" USERS: - Cabin, Camping, Barn, Tool-Shed, or Workshop. A lake or deep-woods cabin, campsite, workshop or outbuilding is perfect for the installation of a tankless type water heater. In rural America it is common for a homeowner to have a barn, workshop or tool shed that is some distance from the home. If cold water is plumbed to this building, a tankless unit can supply hot water for showering, cooking, washing vehicles, hand washing, and general cleaning needs. You may wish to install the unit near the sink and in this case a small unit will be perfect and economical to purchase. You may wish to use one that is fired by LP gas and a small tank can be easily installed for this purpose and may easily last the whole season or longer. Just like your outdoor barbeque, you must remember to turn off the gas valve after each use to insure that the LP does not leak away. Some people have large LP tanks for the furnace in the workshop and/or rural home. We have models for this type of gas. Additionally, in a workshop or garage installation there is no open pilot light to worry about.

In fact, we have customers with remote mountain cabins and campsites who are using our EZ-101 model with a small LP tank. Some are getting their water from a gravity feed system via a holding tank or down hill gravity fed delivery system. Some are using gasoline powered pumps to pick-up mountain stream or spring water and deliver it to the cabin via hose or plastic pipe. Our customers never cease to amaze us with their diverse and innovative ways to supply their remote locations with easy hot water for cooking, cleaning, and showering.


Demonstration of the EZ101 outdoor tankless heater


Model EZ101
rated heat input (kW) (12) 42,000 btu

hot water supply (GPM)

(for 45 °F temp. rise)
Water Temp Charts

1.6 Gpm
size 17.5" x 11.8" x 4.7"
water pressure (PSI) 15 - 100 PSI
thermal efficiency rating 85%
gas type & rated gas pressure Pa (PSI) (WCI) LPG 2800 (0.46) (11")
Power Supply 2 x D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)
packing size 25" x 15 " x 8 "
G.W./N.W. kg (U.S. Pounds) 6.1/4.9 (13.4/10.8 lbs.)

Tankless Water Heater Model EZ 101

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