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Additional Information

Please Read: Things to consider before purchasing a tankless water heater.

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EZ Outdoor | $524.95

Product Overview

EZ Outdoor - Tankless Water Heater




This is our most powerful model yet, and was designed specifically for use in larger homes typically found in warmer climates, where potential freezing is not an issue, and is intended for outdoor mounting, as the name suggests, on an outside wall.

The beautiful heavy duty stainless steel shell shields the internal components from the outside conditions and the ventless design eliminates any consideration for exhaust or intake hardware.

Just like our other whole house models the EZ Outdoor is compact and very powerful, providing up to 4.4 gallons per minute of consistent hot water, making it quite capable of providing all the hot water you need for a three bathroom home.

With full computer control we thought you might like a handy remote control unit so that if you ever need to make any adjustments to the water temperature there is no need to venture outside to do so, instead, simply use the remote for your convenience. Naturally this remote control is included in the purchase price, along with shipping to the 48 continental United States.

If you live in a no freeze zone, and would like to upgrade your hot water heating system, then look no further. You will be rewarded with a tastefully styled modern water heater that will save you energy and thus money. Naturally if you install an EZ Outdoor all the floor space occupied by an existing storage tank can be repurposed, which will no doubt be a great benefit to you today, and also in the future should you ever wish to put the property on the housing market.




Features and Benefits

  • Special Inner Structure Design and Stainless Steel Outer Cover
  • Large Water Flow and Constant Temperature Control Water Supply
  • Outdoor Installation Style to Save Indoor Space (NO FREEZE ZONES ONLY)
  • Waterproof Wiring and Controls for Much Longer Operation
  • Six Hi-Efficiency Technologies
  • Advanced Intelligence Wind-Air Pressure and Downdraft Detection
  • Starts Up Under Very Low Water Pressure
  • AI Intelligent Memory
  • Variable speed fan motor
  • 12 Safety Protection systems


This tankless heater is designed for outdoor use in no-freeze zones

FREEZE ZONE NOTES: If you live in zone 9 you have the potential of freezing and you must protect your heater on those rare occasions. If you live in zone 10, it is considered to be free of the potential to freeze. (SEE MAP BELOW)


DISCLAIMER: Certainly, we cannot be held responsible for freeze damage. Those who are familiar with outdoor tankless heaters know the feasibility of using this model. If you are unsure, you should contact a professional in your area that is familiar with water heaters as they will know the answer.

Demonstration of the EZ Outdoor tankless heater

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rated heat input (kW) (32) 112,000 btu
hot water supply (for 45 °F temperature rise)(GPM) 4.4
size 23.7" x 15.5" x 5.5"
water pressure (PSI) 35 - 100 PSI
thermal efficiency rating 88%
gas type & rated gas pressure Pa (PSI) (WCI) LPG 2800 (0.46) (11")/NG 2000 (0.29) (8")
Voltage (V) AC110V 60HZ
packing size 29.5" x 17.7" x 8.9"
G.W./N.W. kg (U.S. Pounds) 15.5/14 (34/31 lbs.)


Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Model EZOutdoor

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